Becoming parent was not easy job for us. We had been to doctors to consult and there was so much stress around us. There were plenty of negative tests before getting a positive one. So one day finally we got positive pregnancy test and I couldn't believe my eyes. Next day I took more test and it was confirmed that was the most happiest and miraculous day for us. We had waited 4 long years to get this happen.

My pregnancy journey looked smooth for others but in my head there was so much going on. I was so worried about loosing the one I was so much extra cared about everything. People around me wondering but no one knew how important it was for me. I used to Google about everything food, travel even the ultrasound reports.

Pregnancy is the most happiest but still the scariest for me. During pregnancy the most important person is the husband. For each and every struggle he was with me to take care. He made my journey easier and memorable. I never knew my husband would take care of me like this. That's why pregnancy is called a miracle

The Joys and Challenges of Parenting: Embracing this Beautiful Time